Adaptable and secure voice transcription for full and automatic transcript of interviews, proceedings, and interrogations in courts and tribunals.

With CABOLO Interview Kit, solicitors, prosecutors, and judges always have the authenticity of the evidence at their disposal: the exact words of the testimony in a precise sequence.

Check out all the advantages of automatic transcription of the interviews. 

automatic transcription interviews

Perfect audio recording, complete transcription, all synchronised and browsable.

By clicking on any word in the file, playback starts from the chosen point. In addition, the text search function helps you immediately find the point you want to listen to again.

Identification of each speaker.

The system recognises voice changes, so it automatically assigns the right speaker to your speech. This allows you to distinguish clearly and distinctly who is speaking, which also facilitates the review phase. All this is possible with CABOLO Interview Kit.

More space for what matters

Everything is recorded and transcribed. The judge can thus concentrate on the hearing of the witness, and best receive what the witness can give, without having to worry about who wants to influence the testimony.

Multilingual testimonials

Perfect even where different languages need to be transcribed and translated. Thanks to its artificial intelligence core, it recognises over 30 languages and translates up to 60, making the translation immediately available.

Quick and easy to use

Just turn it on and it works. It allows you to record audio even in unequipped rooms. You can also print the first transcript, securely and directly from the interface.

Reliable and secure

The device requires no internet connection and offers maximum security. All data is processed and saved locally (no external services or connections required), and protected with AES-256 bit encryption.

verbalizzazione automatica udienze automatic transcription interviews

Artificial Intelligence for automatic transcript of interviews

CABOLO Interview Kit uses the CABOLO® technology, the only solution with totally autonomous and self-sufficient Artificial Intelligence that processes information locally without any need for connection to external services.