Lectures and training courses are more accessible thanks to automatic transcription in real-time

With the automatic transcription of lectures from universities and training courses, the voices of professors and teachers become a part of the lecture materials.

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Simply transcribe! Accessibility and flexibility for studying with automatic transcription and translation

Studies have shown that students understand the content better when lecture text is available for reading and not just for listening. Therefore, correct transcription and even translation of lectures become important for any course of study. Students at any level and on any course can progress quicker in their studies with increasing confidence and motivation.

Thanks to CABOLO, speech-to-text transcripts of lectures are ready to be easily studied and memorised by students.

Transcribed lessons in real time as a lecture material

Everyone has their own and unique method of studying and understanding information. With the automatic transcription of lectures, the voices of professors and teachers become a part of the lecture materials. It can help taking notes, revise faster, retrieve key points from lectures, and much more.

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Reliable audio-to-text transcription of lectures 

Unlike other available transcription services, CABOLO offers a completely reliable transcription from speech to written text. CABOLO works offline and doesn’t require internet connection to record, transcribe, archive, and even translate lessons in real-time. With CABOLO, increase both inclusion and accessibility for students.

Do you want to make your lessons more inclusive for the students? Do you have locations all over the world and does your university aspire to be a centre of international knowledge and learning?


Real-time subtitles, transcription, and translations of lectures for maximum accessibility 

Use the real-time translation function so every student can understand what is being said by the lecturer while other students can read the transcript translated into their own language. CABOLO breaks down language barriers, supporting over 60 languages. Texts can be displayed directly on the screen thanks to accurate and effective automatic subtitles.

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Once you use it, you can't do it without CABOLO!
Discover the best suited product for your needs


Perfect for recording and transcribing lectures and presentations that will be fully reliable thanks to speech-to-text transformation on the device. Records, transcribes, translates, archives, and indexes in real-time.


CABOLO Podium is the only interactive and inclusive multimedia podium, portable and ready to use for every speech that matters. All subtitles are recorded, indexed and archived to be searchable and shared later.

CABOLO Subtitle

Perfect for subtitling any multimedia content in the original language as well as the translation. Transcripts and translations are displayed in real-time via HDMI connection on the screen, making it accessible for all.