CABOLO Multimedia is the conference system where audio, video, and text are together in a single product for automatic multimedia transcription

CABOLO Multimedia records, transcribes, translates, subtitles, audio and video, automatically, in real-time. It is what you were looking for.

More quality

CABOLO’s Artificial Intelligence and the performance of Bosch’s multimedia microphone base, together, for a unique solution, in a conference system with outstanding features.

More efficiency

CABOLO Multimedia transmits visuals of the meeting, subtitles, and transcribes in real-time. The multimedia file (consisting of audio and text) is immediately ready to be read. All done automatically.

More accessibility

In presence, hybrid, and remote, each participant interacts in their own language. CABOLO Multimedia works with over 30 languages, translating into over 60 in real-time. Makes your events mor accessible for all.

The excellence of the Bosch conference system with the AI of CABOLO® for a full digital transition.

Cabolo Multimedia conference system

The multimedia of Bosch and the cutting-edge technology of CABOLO® together in CABOLO Multimedia, the conference system that makes multimedia rooms smarter.

Digitising boardrooms, parliaments, conference centres, convention halls, boardrooms, and much more has never been easier!

CABOLO Multimedia is perfect for these and many other environments and will support the modernisation and digitisation requirements of your establishment. Ask our experts for support now!

From the most complex meeting rooms to the conference venues hosting your events, CABOLO Multimedia is the integrated solution that combines user-friendliness with the security of your data.

CABOLO Multimedia uses the CABOLO® technology to record, transcribe, translate, and subtitle audio and video in real-time using Artificial Intelligence.

Cabolo Multimedia conference system microfonico

Suitable for all occasions requiring video, audio, transcription, translation, and security.

CABOLO Multimedia is an innovative product created thanks to the partnership between CABOLO® and Bosch.