Transcriptions and minutes of banking and insurance company meetings. Immediate, secure, and confidential with CABOLO

CABOLO helps banks and insurance companies to meet their demands for privacy, security, speed, and accuracy in board meeting management by offering accurate speech-to-text transcription

9 out of 10 most secure European banks use CABOLO's solutions.
You can improve your business too.
Are you working in the banking, insurance or financing industry?
Transcripts and get the minutes of all your meetings!

trascrizione riunioni banche assicurazioni - banking insurance meeting transcriptions

Secure automatic transcription of meetings for banks and insurance companies

CABOLO One only needs a power connection. Doesn’t require any internet connection. The system generates a perfect audio recording and combines it with a synchronised and navigable verbatim transcription.

Listening back to the key points of meetings becomes easy, fast, and secure.

By clicking on any word in the transcription file, the audio is synchronised and playback restarts from the selection made. Listening back, searching the archive for the most important points of the meeting becomes easy for anyone and requires no specialised expertise.

trascrizione riunioni banche assicurazioni - banking insurance meeting transcriptions - Automatic minutes Board Meetings
banking insurance meeting transcriptions

On premise audio transcription and translation

Are your meetings international? Not everyone speaks every language and certain confidential speeches need to be understood as simply as possible.

Once again, CABOLO helps the inclusion of all participants thanks to its ability to recognise up to thirty different languages and translate up to sixty, always done securely and on premise.

Banks and insurance companies have two major requirements today: the transcription and archiving of numerous meeting minutes, with the utmost attention to privacy and security. CABOLO’s solutions dedicated to the world of banking and finance combine accuracy with security.

Effective meetings transcriptions for banking and insurance companies with CABOLO

Do you want to increase the efficiency of meetings? Meetings are known to be cumbersome. Use CABOLO and make the meeting agenda immediately available to all participants, align everyone on the topics that will be covered, and manage discussions and approvals with a simple voting system, including secret ballots, built-in to the device. Complete and effective meeting management has never been easier.

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Discover the different CABOLO products best suited to your needs


Perfect for recording and transcribing confidential meetings, board meetings, and conversations where privacy is paramount.  Portable recorder powered by Artificial Intelligence for automatic real-time minutes taking.

Cabolo Multimedia conference system
CABOLO Multimedia

The conference system where video, audio, and text are together in one product for automatic multimedia transcription. It transmits meeting video, subtitles, translates, and transcribes in real-time.

CABOLO Interview Kit

Adaptable and secure voice transcription for automatic transcription of interviews, statements, and interrogations in court. The exact words of the witness in the exact sequence of time.