Fast and Accurate Automatic Minutes of Business Meetings with CABOLO

CABOLO is multilingual and knows all the terminology required for the automatic transcription of business and legal meetings. Whether it is client consultations and interviews or simply formal meetings, CABOLO can help you!

verbalizzazione automatica riunioni professionali

Easy and accurate recording, transcription, and translation of meetings

More and more meetings take place in hybrid mode. We participate in dozens of meetings per week and capturing all discussions quickly and accurately while achieving effectiveness becomes crucial.

CABOLO makes it easy and secure to record, transcribe, and translate your meetings. Create your practice’s digital archive and keep your files at your fingertips. You can find everything with precision and speed. Find out the CABOLO product that suits you and your profession.

We know your security and privacy needs. CABOLO has dedicated products for the automatic recording of professional and legal meetings.

Privacy and security for transcriptions of professional meetings

Automatic transcription services in MS Teams, Zoom, Meet or other providers work online while CABOLO ensures complete security and confidentiality of your data by recording, transcribing, and processing all real-time and completely offline.

Everything is saved directly on the CABOLO device. Do you have other needs? CABOLO technology is at your disposal for the most diverse needs.

verbalizzazione automatica riunioni professionali
verbalizzazione automatica riunioni professionali

For any business practice and law firm meetings involving international relationships

Are your meetings international? CABOLO automatically recognises 30 languages and translates over 60 in real-time. International business meetings with clients from all around the world will no longer be a problem, neither for understanding nor for minuting.

Manage colleagues and customers naturally, even in the most complex language situation – CABOLO will take care of the rest.

Leave the complexity of specialised technical language of your meetings to CABOLO. Report accurately and quickly. Bring efficiency to your work with CABOLO.

Transcribing meetings and interviews even in the most difficult specialist language

Professional practices often need a technical use of language, full of specific terms, scopes of application, and acronyms. CABOLO, thanks to the team of linguists who continually refine its language models, is perfect even for the most difficult linguistic situations. 

Proprietary technology makes its use flexible and open to customisation to maximise the effectiveness of automated transcription.

verbalizzazione automatica riunioni professionali

Discover the different CABOLO products best suited to your needs


Perfect for recording and transcribing confidential meetings, board meetings, and conversations where privacy is paramount.  Portable recorder powered by Artificial Intelligence for automatic real-time minutes taking.

Cabolo Multimedia conference system
CABOLO Multimedia

The conference system where video, audio, and text are together in one product for automatic multimedia transcription. It transmits meeting video, subtitles, translates, and transcribes in real-time.

CABOLO Interview Kit

Adaptable and secure voice transcription for automatic transcription of interviews, statements, and interrogations in court. The exact words of the witness in the exact sequence of time.