CABOLO Subtitle is a professional video production and streaming solution, offline and ready to use

All-in-one, compact, and intelligent system tailored for the AV industry.

CABOLO Subtitle is ready-to-use, everything you need is already integrated in the device.

sottotitolare automaticamente audio e video

Instant & precise subtitle view

Dual output:

  • Automatically subtitled video
  • Subtitle with chroma key support integrated

CABOLO Subtitle is simple and easy to use. Displays the subtitles on any monitor, during the streaming, on mobile devices or wherever you want, for your convenience.

The perfect synchronisation between audio, video, and transcription

Thanks to the unique A.I. technology of CABOLO®, CABOLO Subtitle adds subtitles to the video in real-time.

Also, CABOLO Subtitle is the ideal solution for producing subtitled videos with perfect synchronisation and without complex integrations.

CABOLO Subtitle is portable and easy to integrate with any existing camera and system. CABOLO Subtitle supports the certified CABOLO Camera.

Multilingual device automatically subtitling audio and video

It subtitles in over 30 languages and supports a sophisticated system of automatic translation available in over 60 languages. Experience a new way of viewing audio and video content.

CABOLO Subtitle is designed to save time and money, it records and subtitles in real-time, automatically, audio and video.

Extensive subtitle customisation with chroma key, multiple language translation, automatic punctuation, and much more.

The automatic transcription technology can handle large volumes of audio and video content, making it a scalable system for subtitling large amounts of content.

It does not require the advanced design of connections and links.

More accessibility:

Subtitles help to improve comprehension of audio and audio/video content for those who have more difficulty in following spoken language, such as non-native speakers and people with hearing impairments.

Multilingual audiences:

Subtitles make it possible to reach out to multilingual audiences and make the content accessible to people who speak different languages.

Ideal support for:

Conferences and events, the education and training sector, broadcasting and live streaming, legal and judicial, and in all those cases where the speech is important to follow.