CABOLO is the most efficient Artificial Intelligence technology for automatic voice transcription, in real-time

CABOLO's AI-enabled technology automatically records, transcribes, translates, subtitles, indexes, and archives audio-video content in real-time, completely offline.

Select your industry and immediately start discovering the benefits of using CABOLO’s Artificial Intelligence for automatic meeting transcription. Make meetings more inclusive and accessible for all. From the most confidential meeting transcriptions to the complex conference rooms, there is always a CABOLO that suits your needs.

Transcription? Leave it to CABOLO!


Banking & Insurance

Cabolo Artificial Intelligence transcription


Cabolo Artificial Intelligence transcription

Public Institutions

Cabolo Artificial Intelligence transcription

SMEs & Studios

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Discover CABOLO Product Suite

Different specific products for different needs! From maximum portability for on-the-go transcriptions to the most complex and innovative multimedia rooms.


Portable solution to record, transcribe, translate, and archive in real-time thanks to its AI core.

CABOLO Multimedia

The conference system where audio, video, and text are all together in a single product.

CABOLO Subtitle

The magic box for subtitling automatically audio and video without complex installations.


The only interactive and inclusive multimedia podium, portable and ready to use.

CABOLO Interview Kit

Adaptable and secure voice transcription for audio/video verbatim and automatic reporting


CABOLO Camera is a professional-grade, powerful, and affordable HD PTZ camera.