Speech-to-text recognition technology made smarter with artificial intelligence

We value our customers’ words and time. We work with accuracy and passion to continuously improve our speech-to-text technology for automatic speech recognition and voice analysis.

Tecnologia speech-to-text

Pioneers of speech-to-text technology: processing, recognition, and transformation of speech into text

We specialise in digital speech processing, text analysis, deep learning, and machine learning.
Last year alone, we processed more than 4 million hours of events, meetings, speeches, broadcasts, and telephone conversations.

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Artificial Intelligence for voice analysis and transcription with speech-to-text technology

Our unique Artificial Intelligence systems guarantee the highest quality of our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) services.
Our linguists, scientists, and technicians work passionately for best-of-breed solutions. This is how the most innovative technologies become user-friendly tools.

Tecnologia speech-to-text
Tecnologia speech-to-text

Automatic speech recognition and award-winning speech analysis technologies

CABOLO, using the latest Deep Neural Network and Machine Learning methodologies, was profiled in Gartner’s Market Guide for Speech-to-Text solutions.