CABOLO Podium is the only interactive and inclusive multimedia podium, portable and ready to use for every speech that matters.

Multimedia, AI and accessibility: all in one solution. An elegant design for a fully interactive multimedia podium, elegantly designed and easy to use.

  • 24″ Wacom touchpad for convenient multimedia management of presentation materials to support the speaker directly from the podium without the need to connect external devices;
  • 37″ display for real-time visualisation in live display subtitle format during the speech; integrated directional microphones;
  • CABOLO Camera, PTZ HD camera with 20x optics;
  • Integrated CABOLO Subtitle system for audio/video input management real-time processing of subtitles and sharing on monitors and/or streaming of subtitled video content.
interactive multimedia podium
interactive multimedia podium

Interactive, multimedia, and multilingual podium

CABOLO Podium subtitles in over 30 languages and translates into over 60, providing a full and complete participation experience. Real-time subtitles allow the audience to follow the presentation even if they do not know the language.

Real-time subtitling

Thanks to the unique AI technology of CABOLO®, CABOLO Podium subtitles the speech automatically in the original language.

CABOLO Podium features an integrated simple and user-friendly control system. It plays audio-video content in the room and on streaming platforms.

The solid and mobile structure allows easy installation, without the need for additional equipment or set-up.

CABOLO Podium is ideal for auditoriums, press rooms, university lecture theatres and conference venues hosting events where content needs to be delivered in an effective and immediate way, facilitating full accessibility.

All subtitles are recorded, indexed and archived to be searchable and shared later.

More accessibility

Subtitles help to improve comprehension of audio/video content, for those who have difficulties in following the spoken language, such as non-native speakers and people with hearing impairments.

CABOLO Podium is the ideal tool to ensure accessibility and inclusion in the most important situations.

podio multimediale interattivo per una sempre maggiore accessibilità e inclusione