Minutes of meetings, Boards and assemblies of large companies made easy with CABOLO's automatic transcription

Accurate, fast, and precise automatic minutes and reporting of board meetings and assemblies will increase your company’s efficiency.

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Save time and work, increase the efficiency of your business meetings with CABOLO

We know how important minutes of board, company, and client meetings are in the life of a company. Accurate minute-taking and transcription is essential because it has legal value and often evidentiary character. This is why companies tend to work with slow and manual processes, but as of today this will no longer be the case.

CABOLO automatically records, transcribes, and translates your meeting content in total security and confidentiality.

Transcribing board meetings and major company meetings in complete confidentiality. CABOLO records the audio and processes it on the device itself, remaining disconnected from the internet while ensuring the highest level of privacy.

Board minutes become swift. CABOLO performs all tasks in real-time

No more draft board minutes to be supplemented with comments and endless changes until everyone is satisfied. With CABOLO, transcribing minutes of meetings and BoDs is as easy as pressing a button on a tape recorder.

When you stop recording you will have your transcript file, complete and synchronised with the audio for ease of searching. All that remains is to share the audio and text file or select key points.

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Transcribed and minutes taken in real-time

With CABOLO, you no longer need to reel off a meeting, or take notes of alternating directors. The speech recognition technology recognises voice changes, so it allocates the speech to relative speakers. This way the transcript is not just a block of text that is difficult to read but instead it is distinguished for who is speaking including pauses and punctuation.

Managing BoD meetings and assemblies even remotely, in different countries or in different languages made easy with CABOLO

Multilingual meetings and assemblies organised, and minutes taken with one click thanks to CABOLO

Organise meeting agendas, formalise attendance and approvals by open or secret ballot, and manage every language and country with a single click.

CABOLO automatically transcribes in over 30 languages and translates in real-time into more than 60.

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Gain time on competitors. Find out which CABOLO products are best suited to your needs


Perfect for recording and transcribing confidential meetings, board meetings, and conversations where privacy is paramount. Portable recorder powered by Artificial Intelligence for automatic real-time minutes taking.

Cabolo Multimedia conference system
CABOLO Multimedia

The conference system where video, audio, and text are together in one product for automatic multimedia transcription. It transmits meeting video, subtitles, translates, and transcribes in real-time.

CABOLO Interview Kit

Adaptable and secure voice transcription for automatic transcription of interviews, statements, and interrogations in court. The exact words of the witness in the exact sequence of time.