Only our partners can access the most innovative speech technology solutions. Join us!

As part of our selected partners, we provide you with all the support you need to deliver a high-performance speech technology service to your current and future customers. We offer strategic collaborations in an ever-changing market.

There are different ways to partner with CABOLO. Whether you are a commercial partner, system integrator or a distributor. Find out how to partner with us and take advantage of being a pioneer in your market with a leading AI-enabled solution.

Find the correct partnership for you

Want to be a commercial partner? Simply introducing end customers, letting CABOLO carry out the sales activities, provide support, and maintenance to the clients.

Are you a system integrator? Get fully trained, promote the product suite, find installation, and project opportunities, carry out the customer support.

Do you want to be a distributor instead? Get trained, organise your business plan and become autonomous.

Advantages of working together

speech technology partners

Training and expertise at the CABOLO Academy

We provide our partners with the deepest knowledge of our systems to help them fully manage each individual sale process.

We offer specialised training on the technologies that enable our products and services, as well as the ecosystem required for all components that can be integrated.

Become a partner today to offer the best speech technology solutions

Co-marketing activities and joint events for greater success

Admission to the partner area of the Academy grants you access to all the business development materials, marketing resources, and joint activities so you have the necessary tools for success at your fingertips.

We offer our partners the best speech technology solutions. Discover advantages and dedicated resources.