CABOLO and Digitalix SA: a Strategic Partnership to Introduce Multilingual Transcription and Translation Solutions in West Africa

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Digitalix SA’s presence and expertise in West Africa will play a key role in distributing CABOLO’s distinctive technology into the emerging markets of Burkina Faso and West Africa.. We are confident that this collaboration marks a significant step towards digitisation without borders.

The high-level objective of this collaboration is to distribute CABOLO’s cutting-edge solutions, enabling seamless multilingual communication in a progressively globalised business landscape. This initiative aims to overcome language barriers through the implementation of advanced and secure AI solutions.

In West Africa, where diverse linguistic backgrounds coexist and reliable internet connectivity is not always guaranteed, CABOLO’s offline approach becomes particularly essential. This approach ensures access to solutions without relying on connectivity. Operating entirely offline, CABOLO’s AI functions securely in public, private, and governmental environments, safeguarding crucial data confidentiality.

“Safe and user-friendly Artificial Intelligence arrives in Africa,” with these words Serge Yanogo, a pioneer in the introduction of new technologies in his country, marks the start of the valued partnership.

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